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【研討會】Food Culture and Technologies

日期:11/5/18 8:20:42 上午.000

【研討會】Food Culture and Technologies

中研院民族學研究所將於2018年11月19日至20日(星期一、二)於中研院學族研究所2319會議室舉辦 Food Culture and Technologies International Conference。線上報名至11月11日截止,因人數有限,將篩選錄取者,並報名截止後統一寄發錄取通知。敬請至研討會網頁報名: ,瀏覽最新訊息。


This conference will examine the close relationship between food culture and technology in anthropological and historical terms. Each food item we consume today comes from a long history of human engagement, from discovering, growing, processing, and cooking, to the skills, knowledge, and material means we have developed to make it edible, enjoyable, and widely consumed. By the same token, we have also developed technologies, i.e., skills, material devices and knowledge, to create and reproduce the kinds of foods, flavors, and appearances that attract our appetites. We invite you to explore the complex and fascinating relationships between food culture and technology for our 2018 Strasbourg-Taipei conference in Taiwan. 


We will pay special attention to following issues:

·        How food culture is being reproduced with new technology.

·        How new skills, concepts, and values have been developed to explore new food items.

·        How new cooking techniques and skills are developed along with new technologies to bring important changes to food culture.

·        How new standard of taste co-evolve with the technology.

·        How changes in technology, food related or not, transform food culture.

·        How market, environment, and tourism bring changes to food culture and its technologies. 

·        How globalization has brought changes to the relationship between food culture and technology.

·        How food culture is preserved as cultural heritage through new technologies.

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