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Conservation and Restoration

重點(必修)課程: 文化資產保存與修復基礎化學 、文物保存概論、文物保存環境風險評估與規劃
專業師資群: 曾永寬老師、林蘭東老師、林煥盛老師、李昱老師、季閤培老師

The cultural relics preserved in museums, art galleries and archives have extremely high value, and need to be placed in an appropriate environment for preservation. The harm of cultural relics in the past bad environment need to be restored without compromising the authenticity and Under aesthetic value, conduct scientific testing and arrange proper repair operations. The department provides maintenance training and analysis of paper, wood, metal, ceramics, fabrics, paintings and other cultural relics.
Key (required) courses: Chemistry for Cultural Heritage Conservation, Introduction of Conservation Science, Risk Assessment and Design of Environment for Conservation
Professional teacheres: Professor Yung-Kuan Tseng, Assistant Professor Lang-Dong Lin, Assistant Professor Huang-Shen Lin, Assistant Professor Yu Lee, Assistant Professor Brice Girba

Applied Cultural Resource Studies

重點(必修)課程: 台灣文化史、文化人類學導論、無形文化資產導論
專業師資群: 林崇熙老師、王瀞苡老師、陳逸君老師、楊凱成老師、徐雨村老師

Cultural content is the root of cultural creativity. Cultural and creative design, cultural protection technology or cultural asset management all need to be based on solid cultural resources. The department trains professionals in the collection, aggregation, analysis, research and application of cultural resources. Through field investigations, oral interviews, practical experience, observation records, copywriting, marketing planning and other diverse training methods, and works with cultural history People, craftsmen, local governments, cultural and historical institutions, religious groups, etc. all cooperate closely. Lead students to get close to the local area, in-depth study and analysis of cultural resources, and can plan the strategies and practices of cultural resource activation and application.
Key (required) courses: Cultural History of Taiwan, Introduction to Cultural Anthropology, Introduction to Intangible Cultural Heritage
Professional teacheres: Professor Chong-Hsi Lin, Assistant Professor Ching-Yi Wang, Assistant Professor Yi-Jun Chen, Associate Professor Kai-Cheng Yang, Associate Professor Yu-Tsun Hsu

Architecture Heritage and Settlement Conservation

重點(必修)課程: 建築襲產基礎圖學、建築保存的理論與歷史、聚落保存的理論與實務
專業師資群: 李謁政老師、林崇熙老師、徐慧民老師、司馬品岳老師、楊凱成老師、王新衡老師

The preservation of architectural cultural assets has shifted from the preservation of single buildings to the preservation of the entire old street settlement, landscape research and investigation, etc. This department responds to local development and international trends, and cultivates students' basic abilities in cultural heritages graphics, preservation history, settlement theory and practice, and reuse of old buildings. It also focuses on integrated investigation and research on settlement issues and data compilation and interpretation. In addition, through the preservation of theories and practices, we explore the shapes, textures and connotations of architectural raids and settlements, as well as a wide range of topics such as cultural thoughts and the impact of urban life. We look forward to exploring the implementation results of various industrial and academic cases as a basis for teaching to reduce the gap between academic and practical.
Key (required) courses: The Basic Graphics for Built Heritage, Theory and History of Architectural Conservation, Theories and Practices for Settlements Preservation
Professional teacheres: Associate Professor Ye-Cheng Lee, Professor Chong-Hsi Lin, Associate Professor Hui-Min Hsu, Assistant Professor Pierre Smars, Associate Professor Kai-Cheng Yang, Assistant Professor Sin-Heng Wang

Cultural Administration and Cultural Management

重點(必修)課程: 文化資產經營導論 、文化資產法規與政策、博物館學導論
專業師資群: 林崇熙老師、李謁政老師、楊凱成老師、徐慧民老師、王新衡老師、王瀞苡老師、徐雨村老師

The key to the value of cultural heritages is teffectively combine creative development, marketing, green tourism, organization and management, etc., to establish a foundation for sustainable operation. The administrative bureaucrat who is familiar with the cultural assets profession is an important promoter of the government's promotion of the awareness and practice of the cultural assets of the whole people. The department has become a cradle for the training of excellent cultural officials with its diverse and cross-disciplinary training. In the courses, students can contact practical goals such as government cultural administration departments, museums, cultural parks, creative industrial parks, and tourist factories to achieve the goal of "learning from doing".
Key (required) courses: Introduction to Cultural Heritage Management, The Laws and Policies of the Cultural Heritage Conservations, Introduction to Museology
Professional teacheres: Professor Chong-Hsi Lin, Associate Professor Ye-Cheng Lee, Associate Professor Kai-Cheng Yang, Associate Professor Hui-Min Hsu, Assistant Professor Sin-Heng Wang, Assistant Professor Ching-Yi Wang, Associate Professor Yu-Tsun Hsu

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