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105 論「負面無形文化資產」的價值-以二崙地區詔安客家「做功德」為例 In Viewing “Cultural Heritage Value of Negative Intangible Heritage”: Taking Zhao an Hakka Funeral Rites in Erlun as Example 陳逸君
105 阿里山林業的起點:日治時期藤田村空間轉變之研究 The beginning of Alishan forestry:A Study on the Spatial Change of Fujita Village during the Japanese Occupied Period 李謁政
105 台灣日式木構造宿舍現況之探討 An Assessment of the Current Situation of the Japanese Style Wooden Dormitories in Taiwan Smars Pierre
105 硫化環境對礦物顏料的影響及其保存規劃-以陽明山中山樓季康仕女屏風為例 The Effect of Sulphide Environments On Mineral Pigments And How to Plan For Their Preservation: The Case of Chi Kang's Traditional Chinese Screens of Ladies in Chungshan Hall on Yangmingshan 林煥盛
105 非營利組織文化觀光導覽培訓機制之研究-以螺陽文教基金會為例 A Study on the Regime of Nonprofit Organization of Cultural Tourism Guide Training: Take Louyoung Cultural & Education Foundation for Example 王瀞苡
104 桐花活動對古坑民眾地方認同之影響 The Influence of Tung Blossom Activity on Local Identity of Inhabitants to Gukeng Area 連萬福
104 雲林地區文物與圖書館類博物館空氣污染物監測與改善研究 Study on the Air Pollutants Monitoring and the Improvement Strategy of Four Local Cultural Museums (quasi-museum)in Yunlin. 林蘭東
104 南投縣松嶺茶藝文化傳承與創新策略探討 The Study on Strategies of Songling Tea Culture in Nantou County 王瀞苡
104 以地景書寫塑造臺中市地方感 Building The Sense of Place in Taichung City by Landscape Writing 徐慧民
104 澳門世界遺產文化觀光發展策略探討 Cultural Tourism Development Strategy of Macau World Heritage 王瀞苡
104 臺灣膠卷電影院玻璃投影片幻燈機3維數位建模技術初探 A Preliminary Study of 3D Digital Modeling Technology for Glass Slide Projectors of Film Theater in Taiwan 林蘭東
104 安居之境:七美的空間辟邪物與境域觀 Talisman and Territory: The Study of Cimei at Penghu County 陳逸君 林明美
104 底漆技法對木刻神像保存修復的影響 The influence of ground layer technique on the conservation of carved wooden idol 林煥盛
104 台灣工藝通路服務創新之個案研究-以「河邊生活」、「好的」為例 The Study of Service Innovation on Marketing Channel for Taiwan Craft: “Liv'in Riverside” and “Howdy” as Examples 王瀞苡
104 閒置公共空間再利用─以台中文學館為例 Reuse of Vacant Public Spaces ─ A Case of Taichung Literature House 李謁政
104 臺南八吉境五帝廟開基五顯大帝木雕神像之修復保存 The Restoration and Conservation of Wood Carving Statue of Kai-Ji Wu-Xian-Da-Di from Ba-Ji-Jing Wu-Di Temple in Tainan 連萬福
104 靈性飢渴的情結模式─以臺灣新時代運動之靈性老師經驗為例 Complex Modes of Spiritual Hunger–The Case Study of Spritual Teachers in Taiwan New Age Movement 連萬福 陳三郎
104 公共論域於文化資產審議機制之研究 Public sphere of the Cultural Heritage Review Mechanism 徐慧民
104 臺灣 • 鹿港傳統鉋刀產業發展之研究 The development of traditional taiwanese woodworking planer knife industry in Lukang, Taiwan 徐慧民
104 社會力的實踐想像─以台中市舊城區為例 The practice of Social Force:in the case of Historic Centre in Taichung City 李謁政
104 土產的生產-一種消費和政治經濟學的考察-以雲林十大伴手禮為例 Local specialty production - a consumer and political economy study- Take the Top 10 Presents of Yunlin County for Example 王瀞苡 黃世輝
104 灰色文化資產:環境影響評估的結構性文化災難 Grey Cultural Heritage:Structural and Cultural Disaster of Environmental Impact Assessment 林崇熙
103 臺中市烈美堂文化資產價值之研究 The Study of Cultural Heritage Value of Taichung Lieh-Mei-T'ang 李謁政 林培雅
103 生態博物館概念與生態觀光實踐-以澎湖縣七美鄉雙心石滬為例 Ecomuseum Concept and Practice of Ecotourism - A Case Study of the Double-Heart Stone Trap in Penghu Chimei Township 李謁政 林明美
103 地方工藝產業展示策略探討-以豐原漆藝館為例 A Study of Local Craft Industry Exhibition Strategy-the Case of Fengyuan Museum of Lacquer Art 王瀞苡
103 泥金箋的保存修復 Conservation and Restoration of Ni-Jin paper 林煥盛
103 清代絹本重彩官服肖像畫的材料技法與保存修復 The Restoration and Conservation on Technique Material of Strong -color on Silk Portrait Painting of Official Robe in Qing Dynasty 林煥盛
103 臺灣文創產業青年創業者的特質與資源探討- 以創意市集工藝微創為探討中心 A Study of the Characteristics of Young Entrepreneurs and the Resources in Taiwan Cultural and Creative Industry-examples of Handi-craft market 王瀞苡
103 朴子配天宮龍柱及泥塑神像的3D數位化及虛擬修復 3D Digitization & Virtual Restoration of the Dragon Columns and Clay Sculpture Statues in Puzi Pei-Tian Temple 曾永寬
103 「返」其道而行─ 返鄉者之生活實踐帶來的農村質變 The Return of the Way-The Qualitative Changes of Rural Villages by the Life Practice of Returnees 林崇熙
103 走在記憶邊緣的女人-加工出口區女工的勞動生命經驗 The Woman on the Edge of the Memory--Female Worker's Labor Life Experience at Export Processing Zones. 楊凱成
103 新文化生態的建構-以東莒文化生態博物館為例 A New Structure of Cultural Ecology-A Study on “Cultural Ecology Museum” in Tunch 林崇熙
103 台灣古董自行車的維護與修復:倫理選擇和執行方案 Conservation/ restoration of an old Taiwanese bicycle: Ethical choices and practical solutions Gordon Turner-Walker
102 蠟箋紙書畫的修復 Restoration of La-Chien-Paper 林煥盛
102 苗栗縣公館鄉出磺坑民居形式之研究 The Study on the form of vernacular dwellings in Chuhuangkeng ,Gongguan Township ,Miaoli County 徐慧民
102 環境色彩圖譜與文化意象-以台南神農街為例 A Study on the Environmental Color Spectrum and Cultural Image-A Case study of Shen-None Street of Tainan City, Taiwan 徐慧民
102 書畫現狀修復的理念與應用-以摺扇為例 The study on the concept and application of folding fan conservation 林煥盛
102 把路走回來——金瓜石水湳洞聚落文化路徑的社會生產 The Social Production of the Cultural Routes in Jinguashi and Shuinandong 林崇熙
102 臺灣日治時期屏風的修復與保存 Restoration and Preservation of A Screen from The Japanese Colonial Period 林煥盛
102 清代玉器文物之研究—以兩岸故宮玉璽印為例 The Qing Dynasty Jade — A Case Study Using The National Palace Museum and the Palace Museum in Beijing Jade 連萬福
102 社區營造永續發展的成功特質探討--以台南市金華社區為例 A study of model community with successful empowerment in Jinhua region 王瀞苡
102 以氣相層析質譜儀分析煙燻之組成 Analysis on Incense Contamination by Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometry 曾永寬
102 典藏文物保存環境改善規劃及管理—以臺中市文英館文物典藏庫房為例 Improvement plans and management of preservation environment of heritage collection-A Case Study of Wenying Heritage Collection museum storeroom in Taichung 連萬福
102 劉克襄本土旅行作品中城鄉文化省思之研究 The Study on Cultural Criticism of Liu Ke-Xian’s County Traveling Series 連萬福
101 工藝轉譯下的新社會關係營造─以嘉義縣板頭社區為例 The new social relations through the craft translation process-a case of BanTou Community in Chiayi County 王瀞苡
101 空間與地方之文化燒製-高雄城市文化脈絡下的唐榮磚窯廠 The development of local culture as well as space of production : Study of Kaohsiung City cultural contextual in Former Tangerang Brick Kiln 李謁政
101 臺灣交趾陶胭脂紅釉彩發展源流與製作配方工法研究 Research for the Origin and Development, Manufacture Formula and Technique of Rouge-red Glaze of Taiwan Koji Pottery 曾永寬
101 臺北公會堂裝飾畫額裝形式與保存維護 Conservation of the Decorative Painting of Taipei Public Assembly Hall 林煥盛
101 白鑽‧鹽庄‧雙頂廟---臺南鹽埕產業聚落演變歷程之研究 The change of the industrial settlement for the salt-pan in Tainan 李謁政
101 木板彩繪噴漆之移除-以崙背林宅木板彩繪為例 Removing Red Spray-Paint on Painted Wood –A Case Study of the Lun-bei Lin Family Panel Gordon Turner-Walker
101 布袋戲偶典藏管理調查研究 Investigation Study of Taiwanese Hand Puppet Collections 連萬福
101 用蠟保存室外交趾陶之研究-以雲林地區為例 Study on conservation of outdoor Koji Pottery by wax --cases in Yunlin district 連萬福
101 苗栗縣三義鄉文化產業群聚現象之研究 Cultural Industry Cluster: The Case Study of Sanyi Township , Miaoli Country 徐慧民
101 用數位方法保存臺灣傳統布袋戲技藝─以紀錄新興閣掌中劇團演出西遊記為例 The Conservation of Taiwan Tranditional Puppets Skills by Digital Recording: Take Records Hsin Hsing Ku Puppet Show Troupe Perform "The Journey To The West" as the Example 曾永寬
101 不可言說的學習--傳統布袋戲的傳承探討 Ineffable Learning - Passing Down Taiwanese Traditional Hand Puppet 楊凱成
101 社區產業的類型與產業發展的考量因素-以雲林縣為例 Types of Community Industries and Considerations of Industry Development: The Cases in Yunlin County 王瀞苡
101 中興新村流轉年代的文化資產價值 A Study on the Becoming ages of Jhong-sing New Village as Cultural Heritage 李謁政
101 剪黏匠師葉進祿生平及其技藝研究 Jin-Lu Ye‘s Decorative Pottery Study 王瀞苡
100 中興新村疏遷時期建設藍晒圖之研究(1956-1972年) Study of Zhongxing New Town the blueprint during the evacuation of Taiwan Province(1956-1972 A.D.) 李謁政
100 茶業改良場魚池分場持續性產業文化資產之研究 The industrial cultural heritage study of sustainability on Yuchih Branch, Tea Research and Extension Station 徐慧民
100 天然漆使用於3C產品之調查研究 The Research and Investigation of natural lacquer for 3c products 廖志中
100 天然漆使用於3C產品之調查研究 The Research and Investigation of natural lacquer for 3c products 廖志中
100 檔案用紙保存性之研究 Studies on preservation of documental paper 廖志中
100 陳澄波相關紙絹類繪畫作品及其書信之保存 The Conservation of Chen Cheng Po''s Painting and Document 林煥盛
100 再造澎湖灣傳奇-澎湖文化觀光資源之保存與活化 Recreation of the Legend of Penghu Wan - Conservation and Revitalization of Cultural Tourism Resources of Penghu 王瀞苡
100 老街.店鋪.媽祖廟---北港宮口街街道生活之研究 Old Street‧Shop‧Matsu Temple---Researching the life of street in Beigang Gong Kou Street 李謁政
100 十三行博物館行銷策略之研究 Studies on Marketing Strategies of Shihsanhang Museum of Archaeology 林明美
100 古蹟及歷史建築使用電氣設施相關缺失之調查研究-以中部四縣市為例 The investigation on the related flaws of electrical facilities in monuments and historical buildings---Central four counties as examples 廖志中
100 文化資產如何轉動社區大學?:一個行動者網絡觀點 How Can Heritage Make Community College Work ?--An Actor-Network Theory Approach 林崇熙
100 公部門補助私有文化資產管理維護經費問題研究-以彰化縣縣定古蹟鹿港丁家古厝為例 Research on Public Subsidies to the Management and Maintenance of Private Cultural Heritage - A Case Study of Changhua County Monument, the Lukang Ding''s Mansion 廖志中
99 應用奈米氫氧化鈣強化古交趾陶胎體的合成與測試 Synthesis and Tests of Calcium Hydroxide Nanoparticles for Consolidation of the Ancient Koji Pottery 曾永寬
99 文化資產再利用經營策略之探討-以臺中市雙十文化流域為例 The Study of Operation Strategy for the Cultural Heritage Reuse – Taking the Taichung City Shuangshi Cultural Watershed as an Example 徐慧民
99 流動中的在地消費地景 The Flow Landscapes of Local Consumption 李謁政
99 數位影像技術記錄學甲慈濟宮葉王交趾陶 Using Digital image techniques to record Ye-Wang Koji Pottery of Xuejia Tzu-ji Temple 曾永寬
99 文化資產做為文化觀光真實性探討-以裕仁皇太子台灣行啟為例 The Cultural Heritage of Cultural Tourism authenticity- as study the Imperial Visit to Taiwan of the Crown Prince Hirohito 徐慧民
99 產業文化資產之短期回流教育成效之研究 Activation of Industrial Cultural Heritage as study the effectiveness of short-term Recurrent education 徐慧民
99 歷史性建築修復監造策略之研究 A Study of the Construction Supervision of Restoration on Historic Buildings 徐慧民
99 考古遺址作為一個社會運動 Archaeological Sites as a Social Movement 林崇熙
99 自然與人為的張力:阿里山森林鐵道文化景觀的誕生 The Tension between Nature and Culture-the Birth of the Alishan Forest Railway Cultural Landscape 林崇熙
99 古蹟及歷史建築日常管理維護問題之探討─以中部六縣市為例 The research on daily routine management and maintenance ofhistorical relics and historical architecture-the six counties of the central Taiwan as an example 廖志中
99 桃園縣復興鄉基督教石造教堂轉化之研究 A Study of Transformation of Christianity Stone Churches at Fu-Hsing Township in Taoyunan County 徐慧民
99 古風、古街、古早情-臺南鎮轅境文化祭節慶民俗內涵之探討 Antiquity, Ancient street, and Old Days Feelings:A Study of Tainan Zheng Yuan Area Folk Culture Festival 王瀞苡
99 產業文化資產再利用的勞動實作意義-以洲南鹽場為例 The Significance of Particapating in Salt Making and Reviving Industrial Heritage:A Case Study of Zhou Nan Salt Field 楊凱成
98 編織彩虹夢-賽德克文化脈絡下的織布工藝發展 Weaving the Rainbow-The Case Study of Seediq Culture Contexts and Development about Weaving Handcraft at Alang-Gluban 王瀞苡
98 如何經營台灣的世界遺產潛力點-以流轉的金門為例 A Study on the engage in Potential Site of World Heritage:A Case Study of “becoming” Culture of Quemoy (Kinmen) 林崇熙
98 以人工劣化樣品評估考古出土鹿角的乾燥處理方法 Evaluating Drying Methods for Archaeological Antler Using Artificially Degraded Samples 曾永寬 泰納沃克
98 不同金屬腐蝕產物於未降解天然纖維紡織品之影響:結構變化之評估 The impact of different metal corrosion products on un-degraded natural fibre textiles:evaluation of structural changes. Gordon Turner-Walker
98 有機材質文物受金屬腐蝕產物影響的礦化作用 A laboratory investigation of mineralisation of organic materials by metal corrosion products Gordon Turner-Walker
98 曇花一現的在地社區營造?-斗六市龍潭社區社造之行動研究 A Shortlived Action of Local Community Empowerment?:With an Action Research of Longtan Community in Douliou City 黃世輝
98 台灣牛墟演變歷程之研究 The Transformation of Cattle Fairs in Taiwan : 1624-2010. 李謁政
98 府城彩繪磁磚的發展與變遷─以台南天山畫室為例 A study on the history of the Hand-ainted Tile Panel in Tainan Area:Thian san Atelier as an example 王瀞苡
98 傳統中國、日本髮飾之材質、製作技術與劣化狀況 Traditional Asian Hair Ornaments: Materials Techniques and Deterioration Gordon Turner-Walker
98 從台灣先民的原鄉來看交趾陶的傳承 To Retrospect the Dawn of Taiwan Koji Pottery from the Homeland of the Forerunners 曾永寬
98 文化資產渴望說服-文化資產推廣策略研究 Cultural Heritage is Eager for Being Convincing—Study in Promotion Strategy of Cultural Heritage 林崇熙
98 由神壇到公廟-談新興廟宇的形成與困局 The Predicament of Taiwanese Folk Religion: how can a private shrine transform to be public temple? 陳逸君
98 文化資產的社會建構 The Social Construction of Cultural Heritage 林崇熙
97 葉王交趾陶古黃與寶石藍釉彩配方研究 A Study the Glaze Recipes of Amber and Gem Blue of Yeh Wang''s Koji Pottery 曾永寬
97 銅質文物的檢測與維護研究-以清末民初銅幣為例(1900-1937) The Conversation Study of Old Chinese Coins(1900-1937) 連萬福
97 文物展示櫃除濕機能之設計研究 Study for designing an display cabinet with humidity control 廖志中
97 宗教圖像在地化後的社群認同-以中華聖母為例 The Identity of Community Enhanced by Localized Iconology of Religion: A Case Study of “Our Lady of China” 王瀞苡
97 防火處理對木構件彩繪之影響及效益之評估 Evaluation of fireproofing on the painting of historical wooden elements 廖志中
97 無形文化資產的生命史─民俗喪葬陣頭「孝女白琴」的啟示 The Evolution of the Imperceptible Cultural Heritage–A Philosophy Based on the Revelation of the Ethical/Cultural Values on the Act of “Bai-Ching – The Dutiful Daughter” in the Traditional Taiwanese Burial Ceremony 林崇熙
97 文化資產融入國小社會學習領域教科書之探討 The study of the Integration of Cultural Heritage into the textbooks of Elementary Social Studies 王瀞苡
96 產業文化資產再利用的人力轉型問題-溪湖糖廠花卉園區的個案分析 Problems of Human Resources Transformation in Reuse of Industrial Heritage – A Case Study of Flower Park in Hsi-Hu Sugar Factory 楊凱成
96 社區居民對黃金博物園區觀光發展認知之研究 Residents’ Cognition to Tourism Development of Gold Ecological Park 黃世輝
96 文化資產保存的社會文化意義討論- 以阿里山鄒族特富野社男子會所為例 The Cultural Heritage preservation social culture significance discussion- take Ali Mountain male house(Kuba)of the Tsou tribal as the example 林崇熙 王嵩山
96 台灣公有歷史性建築再利用的另一個春天 The Possible Transformation of the Public Historic Buidings in Taiwan 楊凱成
96 性別、身體與農耕風格—雲林縣鹿寮聚落地景中女性的勞動 Gender, Body and Cultivating Style: A Case Study of Women''s Cultivation in Lu-Liao, Yunlin from Rural Landscape Perspective 陳逸君
96 誰的社區哪一種願景--柴山舊部落的環境史 Whose community,which vision--An Environmental history of the Old settlement in chaishan 廖志中 何明修
96 草屯鎮稻草工藝文化館觀眾研究 The Audience Studies of Caotun Straw Craft Museum 黃世輝
96 北港朝天宮典藏彩繪文物保存修復之研究—以陳玉峰「水陸法會二十一幅彩畫」為例 The Research on Conservation of Colored Drawing and Painting Collections at Peikang Chaotien Temple— A Case Study of Chen Yu-feng''s 21 Paintings of Water-And-Land Service 連萬福
96 書畫立軸用縧繩工法之保存研究 The Study of Horizontally Oriented Cords of Conservation for Hanging Scrolls of Chinese Painting 連萬福
96 不只是價格─建構農產價值的可能性 Beyond the Price – The Potential Value of AgriculturalProducts at Production End 林崇熙
96 六房媽過爐民俗之研究 A Folklore Study of the Liu-Fang-Ma Ceremony 黃世輝
96 日治時期臺灣解纏足運動之研究 A study of the Anti Foot-binding Movement in Taiwan during the Japanese Colonial period 王瀞苡
96 雲林縣社區營造中的青年培力研究 Study on the Youth Empowerment through the Collaboration of Community Development in Yunlin Prefecture 黃世輝
96 膠彩畫用膠材料的劣化研究---以三千本膠和白膠為例 The research on adhesive material in the degradation of Glue Color Painting---UsingSan Cian Ben glue and Polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive as an example 連萬福
96 西螺七欠發展之研究 A Study on the Development of the Tshit-Khiam in Hsilo 邱上嘉
96 咖啡.華山.夢:想像堆疊的生活風格 Coffee.Hua Shan.Dream:The Lifestyle Made of Layers of Imagination 黃世輝
96 社造如何可能?-以新港社造「在地化」歷程為例 How can community-making be possible?--a case study of the localization of Hsin-Kang''s community-making 林崇熙 楊弘任
96 鹽對台灣古蹟磚石材料影響之研究 Research for Masonry Material of Monuments Affected by Salts in Taiwan 連萬福
95 澎湖地區咾咕石建築外墻灰漿劣化狀況資料庫建立之研究 A Study of the Lao-Gu Stone Building Mortar in Peng-Hu Gordon Turner-Walker
95 城市裡的文化地景-嘉義市東市場為例 Cultural Geographical landscapes in a city ( East Market,Chiayi city ) 林崇熙
95 八卦窯(霍夫曼窯 Hoffman Kiln)之構造與氣流分佈研究 The study of the structure and air current distribution in Ba-Gua kiln(Hoffman kiln) 連萬福 王貞富
95 逐水稻而居-從機械割稻的技術網絡談起 The Study of the Rice Combiner Harvester''s Technology Network 林崇熙
95 看不見的未來─談台灣電子競技選手的困境 The invisible professional “Cyber Athlete” in Taiwan Gordon Turner-Walker
95 第一鮪的誕生:東港黑鮪魚品味圖像之再顯影 Make up the first Tuna:The Research of Tungkang Bluefin Tuna Relishes 林崇熙
95 編竹的女人--竹工藝與女性發展的關係探討 The Women who Weave Bamboo--The Relationship between Bamboo Crafts and Women’s Developmen 黃世輝
95 嘉義市市街空間變遷之研究以清代至日至時期地圖為例 On the Spatial Transformation of Chiayi City Based on Maps from 1684 to 1945 邱上嘉
95 台灣早期美術名家─席德進先生油畫作品病變與修復分析 Examination for Deterioration and Conservation of Oil Paintings of Early Taiwan Art Master – Mr. Hsi De-jin 廖志中
95 基隆市陰廟神格化現象之研究--以八斗子地區為例 On the Deificatization of Spectral Temples in Ba-dou-zi, Keelung City 邱上嘉
95 雙龍部落生態旅遊進展分析 The Analysis of Progress The Eco-Tourism in Shuang-Long Village 黃世輝
95 居所作為一種展示--透過有水坑的述說 Dwelling as a kind of Display—Through the Description of “Yo-Shui Keng” 楊凱成
95 地方文化產業融入國小鄉土教育之研究—以古坑咖啡產業為例 Local cultural industry integrates local education in the elementary school --With Gu-Keng coffee industry for example 陳木杉 連萬福
95 「撫養」芋頭--以蘭嶼野銀部落婦女之芋頭生產為例 Nourishing the Soli-A Case Study of Yam Production by Women at Ivalino, Lanyu 陳逸君 王嵩山
95 美術館中的兒童遊樂場─以藝術參與為目的的互動展示探討 A Children’s Playground in a Fine Art Museum-Interactive Displays that Encourage Participation in Art 黃世輝
95 流亡蜚語?論1949年後台灣政治移民者婚姻社會關係 Exile and Stigma? The Relationship between The Society and The Matrimony of Post-War Immigrants 楊凱成
95 台中縣社區大學在地化課程研究 Research on the Localized Curriculum in taichungCourt’s Community College 黃世輝
94 出水鐵器維護之研究 The Study of Marine Iron Conservation 連萬福
94 雲嘉地區廟宇香爐形制調查研究 The investigation of the form of the incense burners in Yuniln and Chiayi areas 陳木杉
94 金屬於天然纖維紡織品之腐蝕性研究 The Study of Metal Corrosion on Natural Fiber Fabrics Gordon Turner Walker
94 重探眷村:文化接觸下的女性情誼 Sisterhood across Cultures: Gender and Ethnicity in a Military Dependent Village 楊凱成 莊雅仲
94 空間經驗對博物館溝通之分析-以高雄市立歷史博物館為研究主軸 Analysis the museum communication result by the spatial experience effect-the example of Kaohsiung museum of history’s exhibition 陳木杉
94 自製書籍除酸液對改善紙張劣化成效研究 Estimate effects at the CaCO3 solution to improving degradation of acidic paper 廖志中
94 在地性與知識實踐-高山農業的技術與文化研究 A Case research from the practice of local knowledge of highmountain agriculture 林崇熙 莊雅仲
94 台糖五分車的建構與轉型文化產業經營之研究—以溪湖花卉文化園區觀光小火車為例 The research of industrial operation for the Construction & Transformation culture of the sugar transport train of Taiwan Sugar Corporation. (for example: the sightseeing train at Flower Cultural Park in Sihu 陳木杉
94 閒置空間再利用為藝文用途之關鍵成功因素分析:以二十號倉庫為例 On the Analysis of Key Success Factors of Adaptive Reusing of Unused Spaces for Artistic and Cultural Purposes – A Case Study of Stock 20 in Taichung 邱上嘉
94 陪伴與培力----新故鄉文教基金會社區行動歷程分析 The Study on Action Process of Community Renaissance for The New Homeland Foundation 黃世輝
94 鹽業後生產情境的文化建構 The Culture Construct in the Post-production Situation of Salt Industry 林崇熙
94 台灣藝術家私人美術館之研究(1980-2005) Development of Private Artist Museums in Taiwan (1980-2005) 陳木杉 曾肅良
94 雲林縣隆興閣紹安客語掌中戲團的現況分析與另類發展研究 A Study on the Future and Alternative Development 黃世輝